2022–2025 At-Large Board Member Nominations

Please complete the Self-Nomination form by 5:00 PM (PT) on January 7, 2022.

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NAEP is a non-profit association governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which is composed of member-elected volunteers. NAEP is currently seeking nominations for at-large Board Members from voting members of NAEP. Selected nominations will then be put forward for a vote in February of 2022. Eligible voting members include Fellow Members, General Members (Individual or Group), Emeritus Members, or Emerging Professional Members.

The NAEP Board is composed of several elected at-large members, ex-officio members, and chapter representatives from NAEP's Affiliated Chapters. NAEP Members can self-nominate; if you know a fellow environmental professional who you would like to recommend we encourage you to invite them to submit a self-nomination.

Serving on the NAEP Board can carry many benefits for your career and allows you to network with the top environmental professionals nationally and internationally. It can also help you to expand your understanding of environmental issues due to the multi-disciplinary nature of NAEP.

Timeline and Meetings

Elected At-Large Board member serve for 3-year terms. Board members will assume their positions and attend their first board meeting at the 2022 annual conference. The Board meets quarterly virtually or in-person at various locations around the country.

At-large Board members are expected to attend all of the quarterly board meetings, either in-person or virtually, and the annual conference each year for the duration of their term. The meetings are normally held on a Saturday and can last 6-8 hours.

Being an at-large Board member for NAEP is VOLUNTARY. There is no reimbursement for travel expenses or the other costs associated with being on the Board of Directors.

Eligibility Requirements

NAEP Members must meet the following requirements to be eligible to become an at-large Board member:

  • Retained NAEP membership for at least three consecutive years (if you are uncertain, please contact the NAEP Office)
  • Hold voting member status (Fellow, General [Individual or Group], Emeritus, Emerging Professional Memberships)
  • Able to commit to quarterly Board meetings
  • Submittal of the Self-Nomination form below

Submission Requirements

The following information must be provided when completing the self-nomination form: 

Nominee Contact Information

  • Full name and credentials.
  • Company or Affiliation
  • Mailing address, phone number, and email address. 

Questions regarding your experience and commitments

  1. Why do you want to join the NAEP Board as an at-large member?
  2. What is your role at your current company or affiliation? If retired, what are your current environmental activities? Describe your environmental experiences during your career prior to your current position?
  3. What have been your past local chapter activities, accomplishments, committees, and/or offices held?
  4. What have been your past NAEP activities, accomplishments, committees, and/or positions held?
  5. What type of DEI initiatives have you contributed to previously or would you contribute to in the future?
  6. Based upon your knowledge of NAEP, what would be your priorities/recommendation of improving NAEP's benefits for its membership?
  7. What other associations are you currently a member of and active in? Please make sure to list: association name, years active, and your current position within the association. 
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