James Farrow
  Principal Hydrogeologist
  Terraphase Engineering, Inc.
  610 SW Broadway, Suite 407 
  Portland, OR 97205
  Phone:  503-889-0367
  Email:  [email protected]


Mr. Farrow is a Principal Hydrogeologist and has approximately 25 years of environmental consulting experience in California, Arizona, Washington and Oregon. He has specific expertise in environmental site assessments, hazardous building materials surveys, environmental permitting, land redevelopment, groundwater hydrogeology/water resources, contaminant fate and transport, environmental geology, sediment characterization, environmental compliance auditing/permitting, and organic hydrogeochemistry with experience in hydrology and groundwater flow modeling.  James has also managed water resource irrigation projects through hydrogeological assessment to well design, installation, development, and testing. He has also provided litigation support in the form of data analysis, potential responsible party  identification, liability allocation, and report preparation and made several declarations to support his findings on a number of multimillion dollar contaminant groundwater impact cases.

James has a BA in Geology from Bristol University in the UK and an MSc in Hydrogeology from University College London in the UK.

James has serve as the NWAEP Chapter representative since May 2014.