Leslie Tice, CEP
  Environmental Science Business Class Leader

  Email:  [email protected]

Leslie is a Certified Environmental Professional with over 19 years of experience in environmental impact assessment. She is the Environmental Science Business Class Leader for HDR for Northern California. In this role she manages the environmental team across all business sectors to optimize technical, commercial and operational performance. She manages NEPA, CEQA, and other state environmental reviews. Her experience includes impact analysis and regulatory review specializing in project development, alternative analysis, and various resource areas, public involvement, agency coordination and consultation, cumulative impact analysis, and negotiating the NEPA, state policy, and regulatory processes. Her experience offers a broad geographical reach, a wide technical basis for the types of projects and resource focuses, and a versatile client portfolio. This background allows her to provide efficient and nimble support to those large, complex, and controversial projects that might require flexible management and policy interpretation or negotiation. 

Leslie grew up in Pensacola, Florida and went to school in Tampa, Florida. After beginning her career in south Florida, she moved to Hawaii in 2001 before moving to California in 2005/2006. 

Leslie  is a Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) through the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals. She started her NAEP involvement on the board of the Hawaii AEP chapter before moving to California. She now continues to be active in the California Chapter of AEP, previously serving in several chapter and state board positions. Leslie now serves as an elected board member for NAEP and the Membership Committee Chair. In this role, she participates on most other Pillar and Committee discussions as the Membership experience is paramount to the success of all other NAEP missions. In her spare time, Leslie is a very active mother of a beautiful human daughter and a toddler-like German Shepard. 

Leslie believes that you get out of an experience what you put in. She has gotten a lot out of her affiliation with NAEP and hopes to help other members and aspiring members understand the value of an organization like NAEP and the affiliate chapters. There is a lot of value in sharing approaches and lessons learned and extending our network of resources across state lines. The NAEP affiliation program has given us this access, however the efforts to optimize that dialogue requires an active and concerted effort. Furthermore, using the organization to raise the level of quality reviews through technology and policy transfers will not only make the industry better and more accepted, but will make each of our jobs easier and more fun.