2024 Project Management Series

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NAEP has scheduled a series of four Project Management modules for 2024. This series is formatted for experienced NEPA professionals to hone and enhance their skills. 

NEPA is frequently cited as a primary reason for project delays. Mandatory EA and EIS timelines require effective project management.  Sound and effective project management is key to the successful completion of complex EAs and EISs under compressed timelines.  The goal of the course is to share proven NEPA project management concepts and skills that are not taught in existing NEPA procedures-focused training classes with a goal to significantly improve the quality and timeliness of NEPA efforts.  The target audience is agency and contractor personnel already familiar with the NEPA process who manage the preparation of EAs and EISs.  

Each module will be 2.5 hours, with a break midway, and will include a combination of presentation, instructor/student interactions, pre-readings, and exercises. They will include 4-7 key elements of EA/EIS Project Management that repeat throughout the training (i.e., critical NEPA Project Manager skills and expectations, effective public involvement).



Four-Part Series | 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM Pacific

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Meeting Dates: July 24, August 14, September 25, and October 9





Workshop Prices

  • NAEP Member / Government NAEP Member: $275
  • Chapter Member Only / Non-Member Government: $325
  • Non-Member: $375

Project Management Series Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change


3:00 - 5:30 PM ET

Module 1: Introductions, Course Overview, Project Initiation, and Critical Importance of Pre-NEPA Planning

July 24, 2024

Module 2: Elements of Effective EA/EIS Project Management

August 14, 2024 

Module 3: Coordinating Regulatory Consultations and One Federal Decision

September 25, 2024


Module 4: Managing Effective Interdisciplinary Teams

October 9, 2024

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