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About Jim Roberts and the Jim Roberts Scholarship

Jim Roberts was an environmental professional who committed a tremendous amount of time to NAEP and its members. He always stated that you have to participate in the profession in order to benefit the most from it. He wrote countless articles and encouraged members to engage in discussions on environmental topics including environmental ethics. He felt that ethics was important, considering the work that environmental professionals perform and the many factors and players on both sides of an issue that could sway a science-based decision. He also felt that adherence to the NAEP Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Environmental Professionals was paramount for environmental professionals. In 2003, Jim Roberts was named a Fellow of NAEP for his lifetime of contributions to the organization. Jim passed away in November 2007. To memorialize his contributions to NAEP and the environmental profession in general, NAEP developed the Jim Roberts Memorial Scholarship.

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The scholarship winner will:

  • Receive a $1,000 check made payable to the college or university to help with the expenses of furthering his or her education
  • Receive an award at the NAEP Annual Conference

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You may not have known him.
Yet you were certainly influenced by him.
Honor his legacy.
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Jim Roberts traveled far and wide to espouse the worth of living an ethical life, including the way you performed your job. He lived the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Environmental Professionals.

NAEP has developed the Jim Roberts Scholarship Fund to assist promising individuals while they are still in school. This is your opportunity to preserve and extend the legacy of Jim Roberts.

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Past Winners

Year Name Institution
2021 Matthew K. Martin University of Oklahoma
2020 Oforiwaa Pee Agyei-Boakye University of Minnesota
2019 Emily A. Taylor University of Florida
2019 Julia M. Field Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2018 Julianna Kurpis The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
2017 Elizabeth Crowther Bowling Green State University
2013 Janaki K. Khatri Rosemont College