Committees do the work.

The NAEP Committees

One focus of NAEP’s mission is “…developing the highest standards of ethics and proficiency in the environmental professions.” This mission is exemplified in the work of our national Committees. The eight new Committees listed below include the interest/practice areas, focus of the Committee, and leadership contact information. We encourage all NAEP members to seriously consider getting involved in a Committee that excites you and holds similar professional interest for you and your career growth.

NAEP Committees

Leadership Committee

Hosts a series of webinars highlighting NAEP’s newest initiatives and the importance of volunteerism in leadership development.

To learn more about the Leadership Committee, please click HERE

Chapters Committee

Engages directly with affiliated chapters, promotes chapter-sponsored programs and activities, and supports the development of state and regional chapters.

To learn more about the Chapters Committee, please click HERE

Membership Committee

Engaged oversees a continual improvement process of enhancing NAEP membership for general and affiliated members.

To learn more about the Membership Committee, please click HERE

Environmental Policy Committee

Comprises four focus areas of professional interest: NEPA Practice, Transportation, Energy, and Sustainable Systems that are discussed via routine teleconferences.

To learn more about the Environmental Policy Committee, please click HERE

Publications Committee

Oversees three primary publications, Environmental Practice, the National Desk, and the newsletter.

To learn more about the Publications Committee, please click HERE

Education Committee

Provides training and education opportunities through webinars, career development seminars, and workshops.

To learn more about the Education Committee, please click HERE

Permanent Conference Committee

Supports the selection of locations of annual conferences and volunteer committee to deliver an annual conference with interdisciplinary workshops and sessions for environmental professionals.

To learn more about the Permanent Conference Committee, please click HERE

Awards Committee

Recognizes the efforts of hard-working and ambitious professionals, practitioners and students in the environmental fields through our Environmental Excellence, Zirzow, and Fellows awards, and the Jim Roberts Scholarship.

To learn more about the Awards Committee, please click HERE

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee handles the administrative activities of NAEP, such as Board elections, developing the Association budget, and other finance matters and audits. The Committee has initiated new efforts for board succession planning and new board member training.

To learn more about the Operations Committee, please click HERE

Marketing and Communications Committee

Oversees the website, works with the membership committee in relation to member benefits, and works with the Board to disseminate NAEP’s core message.

To learn more about the Marketing and Communications Committee, please click HERE

The Call to Action

The work of our seven national Committees is the strength and underpinning of our successful Association. From my experience I know that strong friendships and affiliations begin by being a vital part of our Committee work; it advances us personally and professionally. I believe each individual reading this article will find value in our professional interactions, our connectedness and our mutual interests that are so ably realized in our Committees. The work and products created from our NAEP professionals have resulted in stronger, more mutually-beneficial relationships with agencies/associations throughout the U.S. and have provided increased benefits to every NAEP member at every level of the Association, especially our affiliated Chapters.

Leadership begins with how we shape and create our future and the future of those we lead. The fruit that our national Committees currently produce include the NEPA Annual Report, Quarterly Policy Reports, the E-News (bi-monthly newsletter), the quarterly journal Environmental Practice, the NAEP National Desk, NAEP webinars (at least six a year), Annual Conference, NAEP website (soon to be redesigned), Facebook page, and the NAEP LinkedIn group. As NAEP members and professionals, we all benefit from these publications and interactions because through them we become better informed and lead more enhanced lives. Come joint us in our amazing journey.

For more information you can also contact the NAEP Office at:

2150 N 107th St. #205
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T: (206) 209-5286
F: 206-367-8777
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