Christopher D. Hopper, CFM
  Carolina Ecosystems, Inc.
  3040 NC Hwy 42 W
  Clayton, NC 27520
  [email protected]


For the past 18 years, Chris has provided environmental analyses as a private consultant and environmental officer for county government.  He is currently the Senior Scientist at Carolina Ecosystems, Inc.’s Clayton, NC office.  He is proficient in GIS, data collection and compilation, delineation of wetlands, streams, riparian buffers, and habitats, and locating and evaluating potential stream and wetland restoration sites.  Mr. Hopper has authored hundreds of environmental documents, including Biological Assessments, Individual and Nationwide permit applications, and NEPA and SEPA CEs and EAs.  He assists in designing projects to meet water quality objectives and comply with permit conditions, and negotiates with local, state and federal resource agencies, and representatives of the public to adequately and equitably mitigate for environmental impacts associated with development.

This is Chris’ first term on the board of the NCAEP where he serves his chapter as representative to the NAEP.  In this role, Chris is assisting in disseminating information between the chapter and national organization and organizing chapter meetings.  He is responsible for an upcoming meeting focusing on safety through identifying and managing many of our industry’s common hazards.

He has been intermittently active in the group for several years, but only recently on an involved and regular basis.  The recent exposure has provided opportunities to interact with many other environmental professionals from a variety of positions and backgrounds.  These interactions have revealed an industry replete with passionate professionals who collectively possess the full range of connections and assets to carry the group forward in meaningful and sustainable growth.