Communications Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Communications Committee is to provide unique and effective ways to engage a broad range of NAEP members and prospective members with the goal of increasing their involvement in the NAEP community.

The committee establishes “one voice” to ensure NAEP has consistent messaging across all levels of engagement while outlining multiple ways for members to become more directly involved with the organization. Marketing the benefits of NAEP membership to potential, new, and established NAEP members requires a blend of innovative ideas and a connection to past successes. It also requires significant coordination with other committees and NAEP Chapters to develop and maintain cross-promotional support. As a result, the Communications Committee incorporates a flexible engagement strategy into its core marketing development. Through this dynamic approach, NAEP members are afforded multiple low-bar entry points to become a more active community.  

For more information and how to get involved, please contact Nicolas Frederick via email: [email protected].

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