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Environmental Practice, the official journal of NAEP, provides an open forum to NAEP members and other concerned individuals for the discussion and analysis of significant environmental issues. Research articles, environmental reviews, and case studies appearing in Environmental Practice are peer reviewed and aim for the highest standards of professional quality. The journal is a member-only benefit and is available at libraries or by becoming a NAEP member.

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Environmental Practice is available to members only. If you are a member, access the journal using the link below. If you would like to read the journal but are not a member, join NAEP today!

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What do we need?

  • Original manuscripts that have not previously been published in whole or in part in a peer-reviewed journal or in a widely available publication, either print or electronic
  • Manuscripts that offer clear, insightful views on an environmental problem from an interdisciplinary perspective; studies that link data and findings in science and technology with issues of public policy, health, environmental quality, law, political economy, management
  • Ideas for topics and themed issues
  • Contacts at environmental associations, academic institutions, or your organization who have ideas for papers

Instructions for authors can be found at www.tandfonline.com/uevp

To submit a manuscript visit: http://www.editorialmanager.com/evp


Please contact Ruth Gaulke, Managing Editor, at [email protected] or Betty Dehoney at [email protected].