Leadership Development Committee

Throughout the year, the Leadership Development (LD) Committee interacts with our NAEP Chapters, Education and Membership committees, and the NEPA Practice Group for cross-interest dialogue on topics benefiting our Chapters, NAEP members, and volunteers. The LD team also facilitates NAEP Leadership webinars such as Belonging: Leadership When Guiding Through Transition and NAEP Opportunities: Involvement, Engagement, Leadership that include information for volunteers on NAEP’s mission, who NAEP serves, and why volunteer leaders are important to us. NAEP’s relationship with American Public University (APU) continues and the LD team helps facilitate monthly NAEP/APU Student Chapter (APUS) meetings on environmental topics of interest to the students.

The LD team also assists in developing three NAEP/APU career development/environmental topic webinars each year. The Leadership Development Blog (with NAEP Fellow and leadership involvement) has been very successful; go to the Leadership Blog Quick Link on the right side of any webpage. The NAEP podcast, Environmental Professionals Radio (EPR), was launched in January 2021 and has been wildly successful. Hats off to Laura Thorne (LD team member) and Nik Frederick, EPR hosts, for weekly podcasts with very interesting environmental professionals providing their intriguing, informative, and entertaining stories.


For more information on the Leadership Development Committee, reach out to Ron Deverman, LD Committee Chair, at [email protected].

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