Session B2

Science Training: Supporting Careers in Environmental Science

Kelly Reiss
Panelists: Lorenza Cooper, Jr., Priscilla Coulter, Heath Giesbrecht, James Myers, & Kris Thoemke
Moderators: Kelly Chinners Reiss & Daniela Messina

10:30 – 12:00 PM (PT) | 1:30 – 3:00 PM (ET)

About the Presentation

Nontraditional pathways to career development have been in the news lately due to the pandemic's restructuring to an increasingly remote reality. Higher education has recently experienced a surge in demand for certificate and career-focused programs creating an opening for meaningful science training for current and future professionals. Preparing these environmental practitioners demands focused consideration of the scientific method, data collection and analysis, knowledge synthesis and communication, and application of data to real-world scenarios. As online science educators, our panel will discuss current approaches, projects, and lessons learned in courses related to GIS, biology, climate, atmospheric sciences, chemistry, and geography, as well as library resources for remote learners.

The panel discussion will begin with a brief introduction by each speaker presenting a project or approach to teaching environmental science, followed by a series of prepared questions with time for audience engagement. The discussion will include how to translate classroom learning to applied skills. This presentation would fit best within the Career Development Workshop track, bringing educators, students, and early career professionals together to discuss skills and training, but could also be incorporated into the regular conference schedule as a panel session.

 Biology Track, 1.5 AICP Credits

Session Panelists

Lorenza Cooper, Jr. PhD
Atmospheric Sciences

Priscilla Coulter, MS
Library Science, Biology

Heath Giesbrecht, MS

Jim Myers, PhD

Kris Thoemke, PhD

Session Moderators

Kelly Chinners Reiss, PhD

Daniela Messina, DC