Past NAEP Webinars

Below is a running list of past webinars of which NAEP has recordings. Please click the link below to purchase a webinar recording and supplemental materials.

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09/02/2021 New Jersey’s Environmental Justice Law as a Potential National Model
08/26/2021 Coastal & Climate Resiliency—Multiple Perspectives
07/27/2021 NEPA Case Law Update
04/29/2021 Belonging: Leadership When Guiding Through Transition (FREE)
03/02/2021 Corporate Social Responsibility in Environmental Business
02/18/2021 Environmental Justice: Assessing Social and Health Impacts On Vulnerable Populations


10/08/2020 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Thresholds: A Cautionary Tale from California
09/30/2020 Applying the New CEQ NEPA Regulations (Members Free)
09/02/2020 Multiple Approaches to Improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Within Environmental Professions (FREE)
07/15/2020 NEPA Case Law
06/10/2020 Supreme Court Clean Water Act Decision April 23, 2020: What Does it Mean for Future Groundwater Permitting?
05/28/2020 Coastal Restoration and Resilience
05/21/2020 NAEP Annual Business Meeting (Members Free)
05/07/2020 Staying Connected During Crisis: Public, Employees, and Customers
03/03/2020 Update to the Regulations Implementing the Procedural Provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act

12/05/2019 NAEP: Opportunities: Involvement, Engagement, Leadership (FREE)
12/04/2019 Environmental Compliance for Emergency Actions 
09/05/2019 NEPA Case Law Update
07/25/2019 NEPA Legislative Update with Ted Boling/CEQ
3/28/2019 NAEP Opportunities: Involvement, Engagement, and Leadership
1/16/2019 Ethics for the Environmental Professional


11/01/2018  Improving the NEPA Process through Project Management Best Practices
10/03/2018  Tribal Consultation in an Era of Streamlining
08/29/2018 Exceptional Public Involvement in the Era of Streamlining
06/27/2018 Best Practices Regarding EO 13807
05/07/2018 Case Law Update
04/11/2018 Legislative Policy Update


12/06/17 Birds and Energy
11/28/2017 Involvement, Engagement, Leadership
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