June 8, 2020 

NAEP Addresses Diversity and Racism
in the United States

To NAEP Members, Affiliates and Friends,

After the past week watching, listening, and reading about the events throughout the U.S. and the world, the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) Executive Committee was compelled to speak out regarding its continued commitment to free speech, equality, and science as the basis of decision-making.

The loss of lives along with the attacks on freedom of speech and peaceful protests erode the very fabric and foundation of the unique greatness of the United States and its position as a global leader.

NAEP leadership has taken this opportunity to reflect on its commitment to diversity and inclusion. NAEP has explicitly articulated these provisos in the most recent revisions to the Code of Ethics, specifically the commitments to inclusion and a zero tolerance for any discrimination.

As an Environmental Professional I will:

. . . Be committed to upholding a positive environment that reflects equality and inclusion, and mutual respect.

NAEP has zero-tolerance for discrimination or harassment. NAEP will not tolerate, condone, or ignore unethical conduct and is committed to enforcing these standards at all levels. . .

Keeping with NAEP’s mission to make the best information available– and in the spirit of sharing information– NAEP has included a list of podcasts, books related to race (for adults), books that broach the issue of race (resources for families and children), and organizations focusing on racial justice and inequality. This list was assembled by NAEP leaders and members and includes resources compiled for a leadership program that can provide a starting point to understand the history of oppression and racism in our country and communities.


Betty Dehoney, CEP, PMP, ENV SP
NAEP President

Marie Campbell
NAEP Past President

Rona Spellecacy, CEP, AICP
NAEP Vice President

Joseph Musil Jr, PE, PP, Leed+AP
NAEP Treasurer


Michelle Rau, PMP
NAEP Secretary

National Association of Environmental Professionals
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