NAEP 2022 Keynote Presentations

The Geographic Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Tuesday, May 17 | 8:00 – 9:15 AM

It's a very exciting time to be an environmental professional. As the world awakens to a sense of urgency around the challenges we face, the demand for applied environmental knowledge is stronger and more diverse than ever. Private corporations and small businesses alike seek to provide goods and services in a more sustainable way. Government policies around what were mutually exclusive topics in the past now have stronger language around environmental impacts and justice, globally. Environmentalists already know that the environment is the cornerstone of our quality of life. Now, this same recognition is spreading to our broader society. The movement to address and mitigate climate change is accelerating how we apply technology and innovate to address these ever-more-complex issues. At the heart of this is the question: How do we achieve a more sustainable future? Sustainability requires that we understand the interconnectedness of our world as an ecosystem. Gaining this understanding requires geography as the language to reveal this interconnectedness and derive solutions to achieve a more sustainable future.

Meet Sunny Flemming, Environment & Conservation Industry Lead, Esri

Sunny Fleming is Esri’s Industry Lead for Environment, Conservation, and Natural Resources. Throughout her career, Sunny has applied GIS concepts and technology to environmental conservation and natural resources, from monitoring species in the field to helping state parks manage assets and assess their economic impacts. She continues to pursue her passion for environmental conservation by supporting policy and industry leaders to apply GIS technology to their work, whether in the field, in the office, or in setting policy guidance and regulation.

Remarks from Chair Mallory
Tuesday, May 17 | 12:45 – 2:00 PM

Meet Brenda Mallory, Chair, Council on Environmental Quality

Brenda Mallory was confirmed by the United States Senate on April 14, 2021 and sworn in as the 12th Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). She is the first African American to serve in this position. As Chair, she advises the President on environmental and natural resources policies that improve, preserve, and protect public health and the environment for America’s communities. She is focused particularly on addressing the environmental justice and climate change challenges the nation faces while advancing opportunities for job growth and economic development.

Environmental Profession and Everglades

Wednesday, May 18 | 8:00 – 9:15 AM

Meet Drew Bartlett, Executive Director, South Florida Water Management District

Drew Bartlett serves as the Executive Director of the South Florida Water Management District, the biggest water management district in the state of Florida. The District is responsible for Everglades restoration, the largest ecosystem restoration effort in the world. In addition, the agency is responsible for regional water supply and flood protection infrastructure.

The agency’s Governing Board appointed Drew Bartlett as Executive Director in 2019, and he was unanimously confirmed by the Florida Senate in 2020. During his tenure, Director Bartlett expedited Everglades projects like the EAA Reservoir, implemented major water quality improvement and monitoring efforts, and advanced the resiliency of the region’s water resources. Having spent a lifetime in public service, he previously served as the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Deputy Secretary for Ecosystem Restoration, where he was responsible for setting water quality standards, establishing restoration goals, and adopting restoration plans. Director Bartlett also held senior roles at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he was responsible for implementing the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act.

Director Bartlett holds a B.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and received a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University.

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